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Creative Grids
Non-Slip Rectangles

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Non-Slip Rectangles

Creative Grids® Non-Slip Rectangles Demo

See how Creative Grids Non-Slip patchwork and quilting rectangles are used, featuring the unique
Turn-a-Round feature for cutting half measurements as well as solid measurements. See how
easy it is to use these rulers with the unique non-slip gripper dots. Printed with fine black and
white lines for accuracy. Designed by Rachel Cross

  • Unique non-slip grip glides easily over fabric when positioning until pressure is applied
  • Unique patented Turn a RoundTM feature (Imperial only)
  • Designed and made in UK
  • 1/8" 1/4" 1/2" measurements
  • Fine black & white markings
  • Easy-to-read, black numbers on white spots & white numbers on black spots ideal for light and dark fabrics
  • Thick acrylic with smooth edges
  • 30 45 60 angles on both ends
  • White horizontal and vertical lines are printed on the rectangle so the center of the ruler is easily distinguishable.
  • USA customers please use our USA stockists option as we cannot supply rulers direct to America
  • Metric rulers do not have Turn a Round feature

Creative Grids Non-Slip Rectangles

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Creative Grids Shop |  Videos Demos |  Creative Grids
Non-Slip Rectangles