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Betweens/Quilting Needles Size 9, 10 and 12 (16 per case) WAS 3.00 NOW 1.50

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Betweens/Quilting Needles Size 9, 10 and 12 (16 per case) WAS £3.00 NOW £1.50

Ref: N0551AB
Size 9
The Size 9 Betweens needle is a little longer and thicker than the Size 10 Betweens needle. Ref N0551A

Size 10
The Size 10 Betweens needle is preferred by many hand quilters. It is long enough to handle easily, and thick enough to prevent frequent breaking from the pressure of the thimble when using the "rocker" method of hand quilting. Ref N0551B

Size 12
The Size 12 Betweens needle is very short and very thin. Many hand quilters prefer it for getting the smallest of stitches. The eye of the Size 12 Betweens is tiny; some 100% cotton quilting threads are too large to thread through it's eye. The Size 11 Betweens needle is the same length and a little thicker than the Size 12. If the Size 12 breaks often or if is too difficult to thread, you may find the Size 11 Betweens to be a better choice. Ref N0551C

Total Price: 1.50


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